"We Only Sell What We Slaughter"

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Shaik's Poultry Farm stock high quality chicken products!

From cut, cleaned, & washed chickens to chicken portions, free range chickens, sausages, lollies, biltong, & eggs, Shaik's Poultry has the capacity to meet all your chicken product requirements.


Our products include:

Chicken Breast & Bone Kebabs
Breast-Bone & Wings Deboned Thigh Meat
Chicken Bones Chicken Chips
Breast & Wings Mince
Cut, Cleaned, & Washed Chickens Patties
Dressed Chickens Processed / Spiced Chicken
Skin-On Dressed Chickens Eggs
Derems Polony
Drumsticks Sausages
Free range Chickens White Meat Strips
Giblets Thighs
Chicken Head & Feet Thigh Meat
Skin-On Chickens Thigh Mince
Liver White Meat
Live Chickens Wings
Necks Baby Chickens
Skin Leg Quarters

Shaik's Poultry Farm is S.A.N.H.A approved!


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